Moana Surfrider

10:15 PM Apr 19, 2014
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The Royal Hawaiian Luau - Aha'aina

In ancient times the Hawaiian people would gather together to celebrate auspicious occasions with a feast. These celebrations were held for many reasons including to honor a great victory in war or noble warrior or to celebrate a bountiful harvest or the birth of a new child. The Hawaiians believed that it was important to honor their gods and to seek their fellowship, help or pardon. They believed that prosperity should be shared with family and friends. This celebration was called 'aha'aina meaning gathering for a meal.

The Royal Hawaiian Luau - Aha Aina will commemorate Helumoa's rich history and cultural significance. We will celebrate Waikiki and the Royal Hawaiian thru a selection of venuets. An epicurean journey thru time. We will enchant you with food, song, stories, dance, culture....a true celebration at the Royal.